Big City Buying Part 2

I left the Big City Buying (part 1) blog on quite a cliffhanger.  Remember, I was talking about that one time I met Sarah Richardson?  No big deal...I kid, I kid - TOTAL BIG DEAL (for me at least).  Nancy and I headed to the Interior Design Show 2014 on House and Home Sunday.  A couple of H&H big wigs (Lynda Reeves, Suzanne Dimma, Sarah Richardson) were sitting down to talk design throughout the day.  We were pressed for time so we missed out on Lynda and Suzanne, but made it just in time for Sarah.  She chatted for an hour about some of her favourite projects, some of the design challenges she's faced, and her shoes - she got them on sale and they were a great deal!

Here we are!  I must admit I was pretty flustered, good thing fearless leader Nancy was totally on point.  She threw out some good words about our beautiful Isle and the store.  Fingers crossed Sarah catches 2014 fever and heads down for a visit this summer.  Below is her booth featuring her new fabric line for Kravet.  *Editor's note - you can order Kravet fabric from us*  PS.  If you're wondering what she was like in person, she's bubbly, friendly and certainly stylish - everything awesome you imagined she'd be like, based on her tv shows.

Photo credit: Design Maze

I was feelin' Cocoon's booth below.  So fancy. So fun.  Photo credit: Three Dogs in a Garden

Farrow & Ball came up with a novel way to display their St. Giles Blue hue. Photo credit: House & Home

Clearly, IKEA wore their fanciest pants to IDS2014.  Gold tile below, I'm lovin' it.  Photo credits: IKEA Canada Facebook Page

You know you're in Canada when...designer snow shovels are a thing.  But seriously, these shovels are super neat and pretty enough to put on display.  I found them at the Designboom booth which is set aside for small independent makers, which is also nice.  Wanna pick one up, check out Firn's website.

The Interior Design Show is open to the public so if you'd like to attend check out their website for the deets.


Happy Friday!