My Turkish T Basic Bath Towel

Not just a good thing; it's a great thing. 

Aloha, I'm back from a recent vacation and wanted to share love for my Turkish T Basic Bath Towel.  During the course of my travels this little buddy served as:  a light weight blanket on the plane, a pillow, a beach coverup and of course a towel.  I love it because it's so lightweight and takes up a fraction of the space a regular beach towel does; it really dries me off (I was leery at first because it's so thin) and it's basically a multi-tool made of fabric.  The website lists other uses such as scarf, table cloth.

And I'm not the only one who likes them.  Just check out how overjoyed this crew is with theirs.

Above was just kind of jokes but seriously, they won Best New Product at the New York Gift Show last winter and Gwyneth Paltrow likes ' you know they're legit.

Get in here and check it.