Chinoiserie - I like it.

Some of you may be asking "So what is this Chinoiserie that you speak of?".  According to my research (checked wikipedia), the word is french and means "Chinese-esque".  It refers to a style which its fanciful, ornate and characterized by asymmetrical patterns bearing whimsical contrasts of scale.  Wow.  May seem an odd choice to highlight on the blog as we generally stick to cleaner, simple designs for the store.  But it just so happens that I love a little bit of fancy fun, prefer my designs asymmetric, and whimsical contrasts of scale - yep, they're my favourite.  Plus, these patterns often feature botanical elements, which are totally reminding me of Spring.  And this is what I felt inspired to write about.  So there you have it, let's explore shall we?

Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon fabric (available for order through us)

Image via WillaSkyeHome on Etsy

These pillows were the first things I purchased for our hew home.  At around $150 a pop they were a total splurge.  However, I'm as enamored with them now as I was when I bought them almost 4 years ago.  Sometimes you just gotta go for it.

Lee Industries 1906-01 Chair in Heirloom Kiwi fabric (very unfortunately this fabric has been discontinued)

Image via Lee Industries

Ugh, I loved this fabric sooo much; I got a case of the sads when they discontinued it before I could save up to buy my chair. 

Cole & Sons Gondola wallpaper (available for order from Cottage Industry)

Image via Juxtapost

Not a whole lot to say here, I just like this wallpaper.

Legacy Home Garden Gate Blossom Duvet Cover

Image via Legacy Home

A picture just doesn't do it justice.  Nancy and I saw this duvet cover at the New York Gift Show last year and I fell head over heals.  The colour combo and the texture of the linen and the whimsical contrasts of scale *swoon*.

Robert Allen Vintage Blossom Citrine Fabric

Image via

Always thought this fabric would make some bangerang full length drapes for my patio day. 

So there it is, Chinoiserie according to Jenn.  Whaddya think?  

Happy Friday!