Big City Buying

Nancy and I are back from our trip ta Taranah (for all you proper folks that's slangy speak for Toronto).  We were there to attend the Toronto Gift Show and the Interior Design Show...whirlwind, is a word I'd use to describe the trip.  My head's still spinning as I sit here gathering my thoughts.  But let's just get started and see how she goes. 



We kicked off the trip at the gift show.  For those who aren't familiar it's a massive, like 1.2 million square feet massive, trade show where more than 900 exhibitors hawk their wares.



 We got right to work and placed our first order with Danica Studio.  Sneak peak above includes my prized enamel red cross mug, linen embroidered Galaxy pillow, stoneware wood top canisters and the Galaxy shower curtain. 



Moving right along we were off to ADV's booth.  Here's a very, very small snapshot of one tiny portion of their booth.  We've got some super cute pillows coming our way, be excited - they're priced to win.  We also stocked up on rope handle cloches *swoon*.  And various other fun bibs and bobs (I'm saying that because I honestly can't even remember what else we ordered - I just know it was great stuff, really great).



On the way out the door we also stopped by Lucia's booth.  We're pretty jazzed about their new gift pack of 5 mini room sprays.  You'll definitely find them on our shelves this Spring.



PS.  I'd also like to point out the cover of Retail News - Cabin's basically first cousins with Happy Camper (my blog from a few weeks ago).  It even features the enamel red cross mug which started my whole infatuation with camp style!



Stay tuned for part 2 of Big City Buying...including my highlight of the trip - meeting Sarah Richardson at the Interior Design Show!!!!